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Destination Outdoors

is designed to be an all in one guide to the key outdoor destinations in the beautiful Bay of Plenty region of New Zealand. It includes recreational sites managed by a number of organisations within the Bay of Plenty including the Department of Conservation, district and city councils and forestry companies. It showcases river and lake walks, geothermal areas and short hiking trails through untouched New Zealand native bush. Visit water falls and New Zealand native bush forests or Scenic Reserves not far from urban areas. The site has walking pictures, maps and track information to download and print off.

The Bay of Plenty - Conservation K├Árero


Cats and dogs are theflavour of the moment for me - it's been raining,a bit. But there's also the fact that our companion animals are darned good at teaching us about how to behave (if we just overlook how they impact on the conservation estate for a moment). Giving the cata stroke, or pattingFido elicits a purr or a waging tail and does us both the world of good.

It works for humans too - just say thanks and watch for the smile. That's what the Bay of Plenty Conservation Awards are about; a way of us saying weappreciate the efforts you are making to help us do our work, and you learning you're welcome on our side of the catflap. So make your nomination and come on in - we'd love toshare your company while we reflect on the work we've all achieved.


Please trust me on this (no trees should be killed in the making of this e-newsletter); if you cut through the trunk of a tree you can learn a lot a lot about its life. The growth rings show how old it is and the kind of years it's experienced. In lean yearsit grows little, but it keeps growing and when the conditions ease it flowers, sets seed and claims new territory.

For those of us humans engaged in conservation, the current economic climate is a lean one. It will be harder to keep up our momentum and some things may have to be put on the backburner.But we canfocus on what's achievable,share our successes, and consolidate our efforts

By doing the little things that require little energy (such as sharing this newsletter), just like our tree friends we can keep building our strength, supporting each other and maintaining our commitment ready for the next, inevitable, growth flushwhen it arrives.

Sustainable stormwater at Hamurana

Stage three of improvements to return the Hamurana Springs to their former glory are about to commence.Stages one and two are now complete at Hamurana including bridges and platforms around the main spring head. Stage three includes work on a 'Bioswale' for dealing with storm water run off from the carpark. This is one of the first developments of its kind in NZ for dealing with storm water in a sustainable manner. Also, included in stage three is re-vegetation and planting around the area of the springs to re-beautify and control erosion. The Rotorua Lakes DOC has a workday on Thursday.

Additionally, Hamurana Springs Incorporated Society (HSIS) is a proactive community group which also takes care of the area and would love to have a helping hand from anyone who's offering one.

Great outdoor activities you can practice in Bay of Plenty

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Why is New Zealand the place to be this summer?

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Don't miss to visit the Bay of Plenty

As the name already says, this bay has plenty to offer, especially to those who find themselves there for the first time. The stunning sea surrounding it is the purest you will get to experience and the escorts get quite excited because of that. So you can only imagine all the activities that you can do there, from swimming and diving, to gliding, sailing and flying. There is a 'seafari' going on and it is called the Dolphin Seafari that gives you an opportunity to meet dolphins in their natural habitat. An escort will be amazed by this, but also love it and want to go again and again. If you like jumping from 12.000 feet, then the Tauranga Tandem Skydiving is the right thing for you. If you are going to skydive, then do it somewhere as incredible as the Bay of Plenty, not somewhere on the countryside. The Blokart Recreation Park will offer you some more new and modern outdoor activities that combine different sports. You might as well learn surfing there, together with escorts. Fishing, shooting, hunting, yachting, hiking, biking and much more is possible here. It is just like a condensed version of a whole continent, and where else will you find beautiful sea, hills, rocks and forests as you can here.